5 reasons why you should not put off having that website done for your business today

When I started my business eight years ago one of the first things I out up even before I got an office or staff was a website for the following reason.

  • I was keen to ensure that as many people as I knew were aware of what I was doing and what easier way to inform that have a website.
  • Have been in another business previously where I used only the internet space to market my products to United Arabs Emirates and South Africa I had already tasted what the internet could do, mind you at that time I did not have a website. I just used other people’s websites to market my services. I still wonder how I never put up a website for so long but you get wiser with time.
  • Today our largest customers have found us online they searched Google for a service, since our website is well optimized, it popped up on the suggested links on the top three positions, they enquired vie phone or email and we responded professionally and they signed up. How you respond to an online enquiry is very important.
  • With the progress we have made in technology I cannot imagine starting any other way.
  • Finally I was in the business of helping other companies put websites so it was good manners to have one however this was one of the last reasons