Creating a Sustainable Business in Kenya

I have often wondered what does it take to create a sustainable business in Kenya. Just to make sure we are on the same page, sustainable means an enterprise that lives on long after its founders have left the scene.

One of the reasons that our business die of so quickly within a 10 year period has nothing to do with the availability of funding that we all keep on crying about because we all know business that received funding and never took off or business that took off but along the way they dried up.

And then i kept on asking what else is this that makes a difference that can keep everything in the company gelled together working like clock work and delighting both internal and external customers.

I could only come up with one thing:

This was setting the write vision so that the business would adopt the right values and then get a people who connect to it as customers, employees, suppliers etc to find a bond that is beyond money and targets.

This reminds me of how a few years ago when i set up i had the right values and well, we all do but down the line this gets muddled up with targets and growth and at some point i lost the visio. During this phase of turmoil a number things happened that when i recall it now it is what keeps me focused on the vision.

1. No one was happy working around me including myself

2. Staff Turnover was at its peak

3. Customers were quickly falling off to the competition

4. I was trying to hard to keep what i had and even harder to acquire new business it felt like jogging on the spot.

Finally i say the new light at the end of the tunnel and decided to make a turn around i need a new energy a new team and once i began the slow climb back to running a vision focused enterprise you will not believe what happened.

1. Old customers came back must have been some form telepathy or coincidence.

2. The hemorrhage around the team was sealed, and once again we had continuity.

3. I am able to learn from mistakes and also accept mistakes from team members instead of having sever heart attacks.

4. Joy has slow crept back into my life for the better.

we are not yet there but i truly believe that that we are on the right track and that is what matters