Dealing with Difficult Customers

I have always struggled with the statement that the customer is always right. Of late a number of customers had been dragging us down due to unreasonable requests which i would try to serve with a smile but often this would turn to resentment.

  1. The customer who always complains even when when you have worked 24 hours 7 days a week for them they never get tired.
  2. The customer who bargains to the lowest price and being in a tight cash-flow position you give in to their demands then slog several months later with nothing to show for it.
  3. The customer who postpones payment till you bang on their door each day send countless of sms and letters only to go there and one day find they have put up a 3000 ft warehouse at your expense.

All the above scenarios play themselves one way or another in the life of an entrepreneur. I was in such a fix and the above types of customers were a threat to the long life of the company i was running.

It drove me one day to look up a couple of articles on how to deal with difficult customers and i found my answers and this is what i resolved.

  1. I would ask customers whose work ethics were not aligned to ours to find another supplier to work with.
  2. I would never accept again to go down on price unless i could finish it in 2 hours if not i was better off walking out of the deal instead of feeling i had a take up the offer
  3. With the last type of situation it is difficult to predict in advance however one i discovered your ability postpone payment to i would never deal with you again.

The above have helped at least get a peace of mind and enjoy serving fewer customers who are more aligned to our work ethics this has helped to ensure that my team and i are happier in the end.