Why a Little Sense?

I have been toying the idea of going back to blogging and from past experience i normally like to post on various topics and issues. in the past i have ran a variety of blogs each with its own topic and updating each of them with time became a lot of logging in and logging out hence the idea to get one where i can consolidate all my thoughts and ideas.

But more importantly the thing that nags me often from day to day is the lack of sensible actions from each human being  if only we would think through what we do and its impact on others we would improve everything else around us, take the example of my father in Law with all due respect who prefers to listen to everyone else except his well educated, well meaning children to make his decisions, of only he would think through his action he would be a much happier man, or my gardener who prefers to let the dogs and chicken loose at the same time knowing  very well that in a few hours the dogs will be eying the chicken as there next meal…. it is such thoughts that will put here daily to help me appreciate the differences in all but also for those who read to think twice before their every action.