I Would not have had it any other way

If I were asked if I could live my live again what I would change I am sure I would not change a single thing in short i would not have had it any other way. This does not mean I have not had any regrets or made any mistakes along the way but these have served as the greatest lessons in my life. This is sounds cliche but honestly this i can only say when i am out of the deep pit I found myself in especially when i left my well paying job to find time to serve my family and the challenge of taking earlier retirement at only 32 years of age. There after looking for something else to do more so to occupy my mind during the day when the children where at school and ultimately getting into business and realizing I might have bitten more than i could chew. It has been a long road some of the hardest lessons I have learn along the way include

1. The people i expected to support me where the last to come on board

2. It always looks easy to run your own business when on the other side now i tell people to think about it more critically than just thinking they could fire their boss. If it were that easy everyone would do just that. In fact it has changed my outlook about life so much so, that i say if your focus is firing your boss you need to think again. It is like parenting you think you will do a better job than your parents and as soon as the baby comes you suddenly have great respect for your parents since form day 1 you are overwhelmed and by the 1st year of having sleepless nights you want to throw in the towel  and call mum for some relief.

3. Everyday is a learning day, when you think you have finally arrived the world has changed the way they do business and you need to confirm to stay a float or perish.

4. Stay positive and work very very hard it will pay of in the end.