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This is one of the best posts on Tips to Make your Website Popular that i have come across in the recent past and while the article talks about how to generally improve your sites popularity it does not do justice to the topic about optimization, however since they are offering the same services at a fee may be they felt that writing too much about would deny them the income they would otherwise get.

This i would like to post this article for those who are keen to pursue optimizing there website themselves some 5 tips i have generally applied over the years that seems to improve your website rankings despite changes that many claim that search engines make to there formula in how they prioritize page importance:

1. Tracking: I always want to start by tracking who the site is performing or not performing i normally prefer to use some simple tools like Stat Counter and Google Webmaster tools you do not want to undo what is already working but build on it.

2. Ensure You have a good Title for the page and the content is focused around that title so the more focused your content is around the title the better. This also means more pages for more varied content.

3. Link Backs to the page from other popular pages: this i find important and the link back needs to come from a relevant site, i would normally ask my blogging community of friends about how they found my latest article and while they comment on they shall link back to it.

4. URL of the page is similar to the title of the page: This helps the search engine see the focus on the content of you page

5. Meta Tags: if you are not a tech guru and do not understand this terms do not worry just ask your web designer to make sure he has put a title, description and key word meta tag on each page ensuring that he focus on them towards the content already on the page beating about the bush will not help.

Success in making your website popular

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