The Inspector General

One of the things while running a business you will have to do at some point in time is hiring staff.  I honestly thought i new how to do it at the beginning and because i was cash flow constrained i preferred to do it myself. I have made many grave mistakes however on the flip side is i have also learnt alot over the years.

One grave mistake i made during my third year in business when i had a small team growing was to hire my number two, the person who would manage the team on a day to day basis so that i could focus on the main thing, that is the vision of the company.

i interviewed and a hired and MBA graduate and gave them all the powers that be. A few days on the job i know i had hired right. The inspector general was ready to work and had all the tools including a gun to fire whenever necessary.

As days went by i watched as the moral of my golden geese (read staff) took a nose dive, and in short time they gold egg size changed from medium to small to no golden egg at all. I reassured myself that they were just acclimatizing to the change of weather and would soon bounce back to laying as usual. On the same note i noticed that the mood in the pen changed from comfortable to quite to stressful. I soon was getting all the gossip from the grape vine curtsy of the inspector general who thought i needed to know everything.

Soon my golden geese started to wander away many to unknown destinations, i soon got tired of acquiring more geese and asked the general to now take it upon them selves to seek other geese and similarly her flock came in stayed for a few days and disappeared.

I only came back to my sense when the main goose wandered off to the neighbours dry land and found it a better option than my green lush garden and refused to come back even when i tried to use all means to woo it back. If the main goose was not ready to stay on then the inspector had to go with it otherwise what was she to guard anymore.

After this hiring fiasco i had to start all over again as the remaining geese were already at level beyond which i could i repair the damage and only a new environment would do the trick.

A Little Business Sense

1. Cultivating a conducive working culture in your business is everything.

2. Hiring mistakes will happen from time to time correct them quickly and move on ensuring you learn from from such mistakes.

3. Use professionals where you are short on skill as much as possible.