M-shwari my mobile piggy bank

with the advent of M-shwari, my piggy bank is not mobile, i no longer have to wait to get home in the evening to deposit my extra coins for the day and then when full look for a bank to deposit the coins, now i do it whenever even in the bus this is what makes it the most unique piggy bank of today’s age.

What i wonder can children with mobile phones open m-shwari accounts and also start saving?

Other than the taking over my piggy bank it has also replaced my

1. “Chama” (Women group that meets monthly for tea and contribute to one person each month) hence i have cut down on the cost for tea and just save for my self and sux months down the line a take   a loan or recover the money. How about that? Better still the the spent on tea i now spend it with my children once a month at the club.

2. My Bank : Here the reason is obvious-M-shwari my mobile piggy bank