Making Money Online

This is a topic that fascinated me a long time ago mainly due to two reasons

  1. I could spend a little bit of money and ton loads of time online and make money
  2. I could sell my products online to the world literally as opposed to opening up a mom and pop shop in my neighborhood and targeting only my neighbours

With this conviction I embarked on the journey and here are a few things I did;

  1. I need to register a domain name so that I could have an online display
  2. I needed to get a website this would allow me to have some shelves and a noticeboard where I could broadcast my product.
  3. Once this two tiny items I was done and I sat back for a year waiting for someone to blunder onto my website, you can guess what happened, it did not produce much except spam.

So I set out on a journey to discover why no one was coming to my shop and in the next few days I shall spend time explaining a few practical steps I took to ensure that the dire situation did not last another year. I welcome you to join me in the journey of a little sense (cents)in building an online business then the cents will start trickling in and then snowballing in.