My most fascinating Class

When I finished high school I had about a year of free time before I would go to the university. My parents were keen that I did not spend my free time watching t.v. and ensured that I was enrolled for a course that would enable me acquire a skill while at the same time help kill the many free hours I had each day. They opted to enroll me for a Computer programming crash course so that I would cover the two year diploma in the shortest time and any way it is the course most of their friends children were doing. I personally had never heard of computer programming but it gave me a chance to be out of the house and mingle with other young people of Indian origin.

We started the course with the basics of programming, this was in the year 1993 before Microsoft had launched windows and our screens were mainly black, blue and white. After the basics of programming we moved on to learning Dbase 3 plus, and then Cobol and then the basics of networks, which I never grasped so well and until today I find computer networks a murky area.

Well what fascinated me about the class is how easily I understood everything, it was so logical, unlike the subject of history that I struggled with most of high school or mathematics that I understood concepts so well but found the concepts to many to recall during the exam time.

I fondly remember how I often studied for continuous assessment tests while in the bus on the way to college and got straight A’s each time.

I now realize why I everything was so easy. It is because I am a logical thinker, I find learning a new programming language a lot easier than learning a new human language because programming language follow certain standards and formats all the time, there are no surprises or exceptions, much unlike the English language.