Online Marketing and SEO

Online marketing and SEO is one of my sweetest topics not just because it is what puts bread and butter on the table but for the simple reason that the internet has given every small business owner the opportunity to grow bigger just by making sure the have a website and it is well optimized. Meaning with a small budget to set up a blog and the right optimization techniques you can get instant traffic which if channeled in the right way can mean $$ in the bank.

Recently i posted a topic on this blog about be bold or italic never regular for some reason people seam to search for the meaning of this phrase and my webpage has been occupying position 1 on Google search and this has generated hits from some unexpected quarters.

However this has bee absolutely accidental. I then started imagining what it would be like to occupy the top spot on Google Search and the amount of traffic my blog would get.

A few tips to get your online strategy on gear;

1. Determine what key word phrases you would like to dominate

2. Research the phrases and find out what traffic each phrase gets

3. Develop good content around each phrase each with its own page where possible

4. Monitor and adjust the pages or just continue to add more good content around the targeted keywords, once the blog becomes authoritative enough in the subject matter Google will honour you.

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