Requirements for Kenya Visa

Kenya’s economy  growth and favorable  political  conditions  have continued  to attract more foreigners  into  the country.  Although  most  of these  come  as visitors,a good proportion  of them tend to stay  in  the  country  for months  or even  years.  Apart from  people  coming  into  the  country from  other  East  African  countries,  it  is  a requirement that  immigrants  must  have  relevant  VISAs, permits and passes are also needed  for foreigners  who want  to visit,  work, or invest  in  the country.
To help  potential  immigrants  we explore  these documents, how  to apply  for them  and  the Kenya Government  requirements


i. Ordinary visa (multiple or single entry): Issued  to foreigners  from  countries  that require  a visa  to enter  Kenya for  residence  or visit.
ii. Transit  visa: Issued  to individuals  from  countries  whose  nationalities  need a visa  to travel  through  Kenya
iii. Diplomatic visa (multiple or single entry): This  is  a visa  for  diplomatic  passport holders  who  are on official  duties.
iv. Courtesy/Official  Visa: The  visa  is given to holders  of  official  pass port and ordinary passport holders  who  are on official  duties.
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