Series 2 Making Money Online

The earlier points i mentioned earlier are important that is having a domain and a website, if your budget is less that shoe string setting up a blogger account is absolutely free however if it becomes really popular you might be tempted to move to its own domain and this can be become complicated.

Next when choosing the type of website ensure it is easy for you to publish content on it, is the kind of thing you want to do daily even on from your mobile phone when on a bus going home and traffic is heavy. Also remember no one will keep on coming to your site if there is nothing new and interesting to see or read hence the need to be able publish frequently.

Spend some time learning how to use the tool to publish this lesson will be the life line of you online business.

Meanwhile think of what service or product you want to sell and to who.

A few sensible tips,

1. If your market is in Africa if might be difficult to sell a product online as people are still very cautious about buying online and prefer to deal in cash.

2. Certain cultures like to read about how to’s and about places or topics understand the culture of your target audience and do some basic research.

3. You will need to be interesting and have juicy stories often otherwise people will bounce of your site really quickly yet you want to keep them there until they are ready to by