When I graduated with a bachelor of education degree I was confident that I had acquired what I needed to land into a good teaching job. Infact after only three months I found myself teaching in a secondary school even before I had graduated. Most of my classmates took over 3 years to settle down. On day one I was assigned all the classes for my subject specialty there was not handover. I just asked the class where they had reached and carried on. A techie would have said it was a plug and play.

Six months later I found myself on an entirely new office job it was with a top notch global ICT company that was launching a local office. Never have I found myself feeling like a fish out of water. Everything was completely new to me I had to learn from some administrator I found there I to do simple tasks such as

  • How to use an office telephone with a PABX and transferring a call seemed like rocket science. The fax machine was even more daunting, we had the type that even had a kneeler next to it I would often see directors kneeling before it wondering what that was.
  • Sending emails to potential customers and handling enquires on phone
  • So much had changed in ICT from the days I had studied it was like I had never been to any ICT course in my life

It took me one year to feel comfortable at my desk and know what I needed to do to accomplish my tasks and I am not a slow leaner, I had studied software development in one the best institutions in India and still was struggling yet they prepare you well in understanding some business scenarios.

I have been to a number of institutions in Kenya and the methods used and content is not close to what the job market expects whether you are going to be a customer support engineer or software developer. Unlike teaching where you can plug and play the same cannot be said about ICT.

However all is not lost a few companies have come up with courses that can bridge the gap.

One such company is Softlink Options. There a few others however the ICT Master class seems to be most comprehensive programme so far.