Why SEO and Making Money Online are Synonymous

While alot my friends just think that they can put up a great website and suddenly things will start working for them, nothing could be far more from the truth. The truth is: A great website without traffic is useless it is like opening up a great office down town and no one calls you or walks in all year round.

Where then does one start from after the website is launched in driving traffic towards it? I must say there are many of methods some a free others you may pay for. The free methods will require alot of dedication and time.

Search Engine optimization is the processes of making your website to be likable by search engines and hence putting it on the first three pages on some search term, remember the search term must be relevant so that the right people eventually find your site, for example there is no need of selling travel services and the only people who come across your site are students search online for material for a term paper, however they student traffic would be relevant if you were selling travel content from research findings.

What then does SEO entail; here are a few pointers below

1. Relevance of a domain name if this possible make your domain name a highly targeted phrase in your line of business.

2. Age of domain name however this is not as important but you must understand you will be starting from the bottom of the pyramid with a new domain name.

3. Content, content content it must be relevant, fresh and updated frequently, not updating is like not opening your office each morning and expecting that miracle called money to flow in, how will it when the door is firmly shut.

4. Highlighting content with Tags, keywords and relevant page titles this helps search engines classify content easily.

5. Back-links this can be done by also publishing articles on other relevant sites back to your website

6. Crowd Source: this has become more relevant today than before with social media becoming more popular it is nice to build a community around two such places and direct them to you site whenever you publish